The 5 Best Music Videos from Last Week

Paul McCartney “Queenie Eye”
I think this is an absolutely brilliant music video. A listening party with lots of big celebrities including Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Kate Moss, Jude Law, and more getting down with the Beatle himself. It’s pretty magical considering the fact that all of these famous individuals were actually there, at a listening party for Paul McCartneys new material. It’s pretty much what I would envision for someone of his stature. Really fun, super chill, and very entertaining to watch!


Washed Out “All I Know”
I love this video today because I feel Victor’s pain. Here’s another  magnificent video from this week which was produced by  Urban Outfitters???  Most of it is ‘”home footage” of two boys on a road trip that ends in…revenge. This is one of those videos that makes you really appreciate the song more.


Milosh “Slow Down”
I watched this video at the perfect time. I needed someone to cry with, and though I don’t know her true story, where she’s going, who she’s leaving behind, the emotion is raw. I felt comfort in watching her think and feel. Like me, also thinking and feeling in that moment.


Kirin J Callinan “Landslide”
Another emotional video that I couldn’t get through without nearly shedding a tear. I’m obviously a mess today. But wow. What intensity and sincerity he projects through his voice. And his charisma is fascinating. Directed by Vincenzi Vandella, the whole concept is pretty trippy with the Australian singer hanging upside down over a body of water (covered in mud), however, the image is flipped so it looks like the water is above him. So cool.


I Break Horses “Faith”
Great shots of young kids pool hopping at the most legit, steamy unkempt pool in town. It’s fun, it feels real, and you can see relationships and emotions between some of the kids. This is the second single from Swedish singer, songwriter  Maria Lindén’s album Chiaroscuro.


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