The 5 Best Music Videos of Last Week


By Aurora Cowen

Psychic Ills “See You There”
From the album One Track Mind (Sacred Bones Records), the “See You There” video takes you on a psychedelic trip thorough a day in the life of an alien and I love it. The songs suits perfectly with the experimental, repetitive electro drones and spacey drowned vocals.


Jay Z “Picasso Baby”
Although this might not classify as a “music video,” I included it because I knocked it on a previous post questioning performing one song for 6 hours straight as an art form, especially since this has already been done numerous times this year (The National, Pharrell). But after I watched the video, I was pleasantly surprised and entertained. Mad love Jay Z, even if it wasn’t entirely original.


Justin Timberlake “Take Back The Night”

I don’t love this song and the video lacks compelling components that have grasped my attention in previous videos…ahem, “Tunnel Vision”… but either way, the boy can dance.


Nelly featuring Pharrell and Nicki Minaj “Get Like Me”
Pharrell is everywhere! What isn’t this guy doing right now? I love this track (even though I cannot stand Miss Minaj). And I’m happy to see Nelly back, doing his thing. The video is super sleek, sexy, and gangster. All the prime qualities of a hip hop video.


FKA Twigs “Water Me”
Wowza, this chick is very interesting (ala Bjork) and her look is very intriguing. Thank God since that’s all this video has to offer.


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