The 5 Best Videos From Last Week

Lady Gaga “Applause” from the upcoming ARTPOP (Nov 11th)
I “applaud” her for her bravery; this girl does not care at all how unattractive she makes herself look, she just goes for it.  I’m so over the illuminati theme running throughout the entertainment industry but the video is quite interesting. I’ve watched it three times and it’s rare that a video holds my attention through the first watch. The song is okay, but only because I haven’t heard it 497 times. This week.


Robin Thicke featuring Kendrick Lamar and 2 Chainz “Give It To You”
Robin should have surprised us with a video that we never would have expected from him. Maybe one that’s sole focus isn’t hot girls? Yet that wouldn’t suit the song now would it? Silly me. It’s not a bad video, I just want to see this particular artist show more creative potential. I feel like he’s using pretties to supplement for something that’s lagging…talent or otherwise…


Pearl Jam “Mind Your Manners”
For hard core Pearl Jam fans that really enjoy their heavier songs, you’ll love the first single from the band’s tenth studio album Lightening Bolt. The video is aight but I had to post because…it’s PJ!


Avril Levigne “Rock n Roll”
It’s Winnie from the Wonder Years! And they kiss! It’s awesome! And the rest of the video is super fun and at times funny, a bit confusing and really just what you would expect from a gal like Avril. I like it! I really can’t stand the song, though. Sorry Avril fans, it’s just an opinion.


Depeche Mode “Should Be Higher”
I absolutely love music videos that include live shots that really allow the viewer to experience the true essence of the artist live without ever having to go to a show. Something I absolutely hate:  great songs that are ruined by the vocals!! Again, it’s a personal opinion 🙂


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