The 5 Best Videos of Last Week

By Aurora Cowen

Tree featuring Beat Culture and Lena Kuhn “Stuck Down the Rabbit Hole”
I first heard of Oliver Nickell and his collaborator friends back in August when Charissa reviewed the debut EP Demons. Six months later, a video for one of those tracks has us once again swooning. In this short film, you’ll see Oliver performing his own stunts (love the full circle he does on his motorbike before chasing after the rabbit) and creating a synonymous sense of mysteriousness and intrigue through his creative vision and sound.


Annie “Russian Kiss”
The Norwegian pop star teamed up with artist Bjarne Melgaard for this protest video they are calling “a short movie about the right to kiss one’s beloved – regardless of sexual orientation – wherever one likes” after Russia’s recent laws banning gays and lesbians to show affection towards one another (and speak positively of homosexuality) in public. This will be a difficult video for some to watch, but I think it’s great and the message is definitely clear.


Tree “Like Whoa”
Had to show my home state some love with this tribute from Chicago rapper/producer Tree, not to be confused with the above. What are the odds that we have two Trees in one week?!  “Like Whoa” is definitely not the single I would have chosen to represent the MC’s impressive and unconventional flow, but the video is just as unassuming as the song and it works. The song comes from his EP The MCTreeG which is actually loaded with great material, check it out.


Andrew WK and Lil Bub “Party Animal”
If you don’t love this, there’s something wrong with you.


Tomas Barfod featuring Nina K “Pulsing”
Wow, there are some pretty gross images here but watch until the end for a special surprise that I definitely was not expecting. Good song that will probably be even better when Daft Punk remixes it. Or are those just rumors?


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