The 5 Best Videos of Last Week

By Aurora Cowen

Phantogram “Fall In Love”
Love the sleek black and white sexiness of the new video from the New York duo who will be headlining the Hollywood Palladium this Saturday! Ticket prices are steep but most likely worth it with White Sea (Morgan Kibbey of M83) as direct support. I’ve been jamming this song this past month and it’s really grown on me. The video is just so rad, super cool and not too flashy. It’s hot!


Kitten “Money”
Chloe! I hate this song and I am so confused about what everyone (Charli XCX, Sky Ferreria) sees in Ariel Pink. All that aside, the video is dirty and just bad all around but in a good way. But it’s my Chloe girl, she does what she wants 🙂


Nicki Minaj “Lookin Ass Nigga”
I never thought I’d see the day I would post a Nicki vid, but then again, I never thought I’d say I’m an Imagine Dragons fan and after seeing them on Valentines Day at the Forum, it’s a true statement. Although I don’t necessarily love the use of the n word at such a rapid rate and in such a deliberate way, I really like Nicki’s flow on this song and the video works perfectly with the message the song brings. She’s tough and sexy and she’s shooting to kill.


Diplo featuring Travis Porter and Angger Dimas “Biggie Bounce”
This is hilarious. Diplo and friends invade a bingo bar and get down. Lots of twerkin going on here and what’s a good video without a little (or a lot of) booty poppin? These days, not much.


S. Carey “Fire-scene”
What a beautiful collection of images of mother nature, many that remind me of where I came from. While all of my family and friends are in freezing, icy temperatures, I’m living in the golden sunshine near the beach everyday, cruising with my windows down. This video gave me a few moments of perspective on whats going on outside of southern California and, coupled with the such a beautiful song, it made me miss my peeps so much.


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