The 5 Best Videos of Last Week

By Aurora Cowen

Johnny Cash “Out Among The Stars” featuring Brandon Flowers, Father John Misty and Local Natives
Here are three great renditions of  Johnny Cash songs by current artists we love and a really cool video of them performing in different locations. It’s been really great having two Johnny Cash videos this past month.


Kelis “Rumble”
Nas’ ex is coming back with her album Food, (out now). I love the juxtaposition of a simple, cute and funny little video for a song with lyrics that pierce the heart.


Atmosphere “Bob Seger”
A couple weeks old but so worth the wait. This is supposedly the real story of Paul Bunyan, not an ode to the legendary rock singer. Either way, it’s a magnificently well played short film with a revengeful ending. I think it’s great, as is the tune. Atmosphere keeps it real again with his hefty yet casual lyrical style.


Garden City Movement “Move On”
NSFW: this video is beautiful and so so sad. The song, which comes from the EP Entertainment [BLDG5], is equally enveloping with it’s peaceful, melodic downtempo vibe.


Lady Gaga “G.U.Y. – An ARTPOP Film”
I mean…I’m so confused with all the Bravo reality star cameos. But it’s wildly entertaining, therefore it makes the cut.


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