The 5 Best Videos of Last Week


James Blake featuring Chance the Rapper “Life Round Here”
I love this video, I love this song, I love how these boys’ voices compliment each other so well. It’s beautiful and the video is a bit eerie, perfect for this time of year. Watch closely in the cemetery scene and see the moment when I knew I had to include this video in my list this week..


Atoms For Peace “Before Your Very Eyes”
I adore Thom York’s artistic vision, always. This isn’t his best piece of work as far as music videos are concerned but it’s really trippy and fun to watch and pairs especially well with the song which is definitely one of my favorite tracks from Amok


Woman’s Hour “Darkest Place”
It’s so simple but also extremely intense, very much like the lyrics. Having trouble seeing this video below? You can listen to it here.


Azealia Banks featuring Pharrell “ATM Jam”
It’s fun, tropical, and super girly. I love how different Azalea is from other female rapper/singers in that she’s not an amazing dancer, she’s a little weird and funny but her style is impressive both visually and musically.


The Paper Kites “Young”
This is a really interesting video, showing you hundreds of different faces, interchanging with the beat of the song. It kind of made me feel more appreciative of the human race and the difference between us all. And I like the song from their debut album States


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