The 5 Best Videos of Last Week


Okkervil River “Stay Young”
This video reminds me of home. I find it an interesting pair with the song, it almost doesn’t coordinate with the music, yet it somehow works because of the lyrics (“Young, stay young, stay strong, don’t get on with it”). Watching this reminds me of how simple happiness can truly be when you’re in the right place with the right people. And the right music. Although this isn’t my favorite song in the world, the feeling remains. If you do like it, buy the album The Silver Gymnasium here.


MGMT “Alien Days”
They never cease to amaze me, musically and artistically. This video is off the rocker for sure. It’s weird, a bit humorous and it’s sic fi theme fits perfectly with Halloween this week. There’s also a fantastically choreographed alien ballerina sequence that I love. The song comes form the band’s recently released self titled album, the third from the duo.


Juana Molina “Eras”
Continuing on with the Halloween theme, here’s the strangest dinner/dance party of 2013. The video is the first to be released form Molina’s newest record Wed 21, a collection of experimental sounds, guitar loops, and layered vocals by the Argentine singer songwriter.


Atu “Can Do It”
I’ve watched this video twice today and I could watch it again. It’s not the “official video” for the track, however, the Ann Arbor producer has praised the “lovely interpretation” on his Facebook page. As simple as it is, the emotions evoked in her dancing are touching. You can see the sincerity, the pain, and the movement being made between the two through the choreography. And I love the song.


Night Things “Sleeping Beauty”
A woman yearns for her dead husband so desperately, watching old videos of their wedding day and at the end listening to an answering machine recording of his voice, envisioning him there with her in their home that she now loves in alone. It’s terrible sad, which is why I was compelled to remove Best Coast‘s “I Don’t Know How”  to replace it with a more emotional, thought provoking video like this.


BONUS: Thirty Seconds to Mars – “City of Angels” (mini-movie and video)

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