The 5 Best Videos of Last Week

By Aurora Cowen

Queens of the Stone Age “The Vampyre of Time and Memory”
The extreme taxidermy, the fingernails, the passionate singing Jezebel: I loved every second of the warped imagery that QOTSA exhibited in their third video this year. This is one of my favorite tracks from Like Clockwork with it’s deep and introspective lyrics and sensual, heart wrenching melody and tempo. Once again, The Creators Project have conceptualized a visually epic musical journey for us. Bravo.

Experience the interactive version here.


Arcade Fire “Afterlife”
These are the types of music videos I admire, filled with so much symbolism and symmetry within the lyrics and the energy of the song. It includes cultural meaning, family dynamics, and true grief over the loss of a loved one. Director Emily Kai Block, who is also responsible for Grimes‘ “Oblivion,” is a mastermind at cinematic storytelling, piecing together powerful visuals created to match the vibe and lyrics of a song. It also helps to have the Creators Project behind the production as well.


Kings of Leon “Beautiful War”
Although I’m a little confused about the storyline, I did enjoy watching it all unfold perfectly with the ballad which comes from the band’s sixth studio album Mechanical Bull [RCA Records].


Pharrell “Happy”
The world’s first 24 hour music video is here and it’s a super feel good, well..happy…video! Here’s 4 hours of a days worth of happy people, some ordinary and others major celebrities who obviously all feel like “a room without a roof.”  Awesome concept, and really well put together considering it was a non stop production.


Connan Mockasin “I’m the Man, Who Will Find You”
If the song itself isn’t creepy enough, the video makes up for what it lacks, landing this perfectly strange video in my top 5 countdown this week for the wow factor it brewed. The song comes from the New Zealander’s second studio album Caramel [via Phantasy]. I love this retro, cheesy/disturbing porn theme because it made me feel even more awkward than when I watched Kanyes new “Bound 2” video. And it made me giggle at the same time. This guy is awesome. I can’t wait to see him in the flesh on Jan 16th at the Echo!


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