The 5 Best Videos of Last Week

Soft Metals “Lenses”
There’s an obscure element to the “Lenses” video that we’ve seen before in previous Soft Metal videos. Last month’s”Tell Me” video was nothing more than a hard core make out session that at one point I didn’t even feel comfortable watching. Which made me want to watch even more oddly… Hence it making my list of vids that week. “Lenses” is attention grabbing just the same in a more tripped out, unrefined kind of way.


These New Puritans “Organ Eternal”
It’s one of those artsy, watch it all the way through and find out what it really means sort of videos. One that helps  you to understand and appreciate the song more.


Butter The Children “Spit It Out”
From the upcoming debut EP True Crime, the video for the post punk “Spit It Out” is a retro grunge and awesome! I love this video and this song. They have 730 FB likes!!


Anika “In The City,” a Chromatics original.

This video is so ridiculous and the song is pretty rad as well. Humorous videos are the best!


Just Blaze Baauer ft Jay Z “Higher”
A short film. A great video. I’ve been bumping this song, it’s pretty good!



Matt Wertz – “Get To You”


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