The Album Goulding Wishes She Made: CHVRCHES’ The Bones of What You Believe

by Charissa Lock

“I’m going for a walk,” I texted, just in case I was abducted.  Though this was my intention (the walk, not the abduction), the second my foot hit the pavement I began running, my “walk” turned into a three mile mix between the two.  My change of plans was based on two factors; one, walking is boring to me unless I’m gasping for air and two, I was listening to CHVRCHES debut album The Bones of What You Believe (TBoWYB)[Glassnote Records] (Out Now!).  The heavily pop induced electro melodies and rich lyrics attached to pleasing vocals sped my heart into corresponding beats.

During my first listens, I instantly directed my attention to the fact that the components and falsetto accented female vocals that easily sway your mind to Ellie Goulding were appearing here.  Consequently, TBoWYB has larger chunks of catchy melodies, thicker descending lyrics, and is all together more impressive than Halcyon.  I remember not too long ago, I was turning up Goulding’s latest, being in love with the fact that I was jamming to pop songs.  Now, of course, I feel rather used, knowing something more spectacular can be created in this category.  Relax, relax, I’m not hating on Ellie (how can I with her feminine rocker chick look and extraordinary vocal range?), rather I’m realizing something greater can be a part of this electro pop atmosphere.   I’ll take “The Mother We Share” over “Halcyon” any day.

Now that I’ve angered the masses, and am getting bombarded with every counterattack you can think of, let’s chat about the loveliness of CHVRCHES.  I’ve previously named quite a few complimentary factors.  The smooth flow allows for welcoming and epic sing alongs, your boost of superhuman powers seems to gain intensity in the forty-two minutes before exploding in the last five, in which you now remain the universe’s sole survivor.  There’s something quite special and memorable about each of these tracks in a subtle way, but just enough.  Tracks like “Recover,” “Lies,” “Lungs,” and “Tether,” are monumental in multiple categories, and then are just smeared with these beautifully created phrases that hit you hard.  While running, I got a hold of the juice in “Tether” that repeats with good intention, “…chasing things that we should run from, and feeling capable of seeing the end, and feeling capable of saying it’s over.”  Likewise, in “Recover” you’re presented with “I’ll give you one more chance, to say we can change our old ways, and you take what you need, and you know you don’t need me.” Chills, the honesty that we generally don’t prefer to let our minds float to but hearing them from Lauren Mayberry steal your breath in the connection you have to such emotion.

Let this one take care of your upbeat and emotional pop needs during the beginning of the fall season.  Allow “Lies” to inject itself into your bloodstream and reappear in a plethora of body movements.  Entertain the ballad built chorus of “You Caught The Light” at the end of your stressed out day, or week.  Welcome CHVRCHES into your life and don’t miss out on them live (my biggest regret of 2013).

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