The Six Best Videos of Last Week

Let’s take a break from Miley Cyrus for a sec and watch some recently released videos that will bring you just as much joy and entertainment. And everyone is clothed. Not hating, I’m just saying. These artists opted for less risqué, more delightful and righteous ways to express themselves and it’s really a breath of fresh air. Let’s watch:

This girl!! My new obsession, the lovely Karen Marie Ørsted from Denmark, continues to make her mark on me with the fun, flirty, and out there vid for “XXX88.” I’ll be clawing my way to the front at the Bootleg on October 2nd to see my girl crush live in the flesh.


Blood Orange featuring Caroline Polacheck (of Chairlift) “Chamakay” from the upcoming album Cupid Delux.

This beautifully produced video is just as intriguing as the song itself. Carribean influenced with bright colors all around and palm trees and children having fun. It’s a simple life and it’s enchanting despite it’s scarcity. This video is actual footage of Devonté Hynes visiting Guyana, where his mother is originally from. He legitimately meets family members for the first time on camera, like his 92 year old grandfather. I’ll watch it again. It’s beautiful.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfZMvTHJLUs&feature=player_embedded#t=10 [/youtube]

Kwes “36”
It’s such a chill song and the video is so innocent and sweet, taking you back to the days when your only care in the world was getting noticed by the cute neighborhood girls. It’s the first single from the London producers upcoming debut album lip due out next month.


The Weeknd featuring Drake “Live For”
I don’t necessarily love this video. It’s kind of whatever to me. But it’s all about Abel Tesfaye. His raw emotion. His wild hair. His gorgeous voice. His sweet face. His dirty mouth. I’ve been really impressed by his work lately and I won’t let this mediocre video deter me from continuing to believe that. It’s not bad, but it is my least favorite this week in comparison t the others I chose. Still..it’s the Weeknd.


Father John Misty “I’m Writing A Novel”
It’s a four minute collection of Josh Tillman’s adventures and watching it actually gave me some insight as to who he really is as a performer and song writer. I like these cheerful, carefree videos this week.


Forest Fire “Waiting in the Night”
Theres an odd but warm and intriguing vibe to the music and video for “Waiting in the Night” and I love it. Again, very simple and light hearted, staying true to this weeks theme.


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