The Five Best Videos of Last Week

Small Black “Breathless”

What I like about this video are the moments of truth, sadness, fear, insecurity and sincerity that you see on the faces of these young people who, all in all, seem to just want to fit in and be happy. Yes, it’s a bunch of rowdy kids getting wasted, fighting, and partying. But they are living life, figuring themselves out, feeling emotions and coming into their own. In a moment when I’m feeling like life is so precious and short, this video made me feel like living (and feeling) life to the fullest because it’s all we can do.


Charli XCX “SuperLove”

The song is growing on me, the video was love at first sight. Maybe it’s her wild locks and pretty face or her cutie accent, fresh style and catchy lyrics. Whatever it is, Charli can do no wrong, she’s a ktc fav. This is her best video yet. We also really liked her video for “What I Like.”


Sky Ferreira “Your Not The One”

Theres something about Sky that I absolutely love. She’s angry, confused and insecure and she wears it on her sleeve (probably not on purpose) looking beautiful all the while. Director, Grant Singer, was definitely going for that heroin chic, 80’s rockstar inspired look and feel…and I believe he succeeded. The song’s eh.


Martina Topley featuring Mark Lanegan “Crystalized” originally done by The XX

I love videos with wolves. I don’t know why, but this one is for sure one of my favorites. Martina’s gorgeous, smokey vocals paired with Mark’s deep and articulated tones makes this ultra familiar song a little less mundane.


Foals “Out of the Woods”

This song is amazing, especially he hand drums in the breakdown, wow. I am a newfound Foals fan after this! I always thought they had interesting videos, and this one wasn’t as bold as some of the others, but I’m intrigued by their creative minds. And I like this music


Aurora Cowen

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