The Five Best Videos of Last Week

Starwalker “Bad Weather”
I was moved by the song and the video for Starwalker’s “Bad Weather.” It’s haunting and moving yet at the same time very quaint. A blend of electro synth pop and experimental rock. Air‘s Jean-Benoit Dunckel and Icelandic composer Bardi Johannsson (Bang Gang/Lady & Bird) collaboration is impressive so far. Their EP will be released in the near future (title unknown) and I look forward to hearing more from the duo.


Ryan Hemsworth featuring Lofty305 “Against A Wall”
I love this video because it reminds me of my sister. A pretty girl and her cat. It fits the vibe of the the song perfectly, a mash up of laid back black and white shots of ordinary life moments that are, for whatever reason, really intriguing.


High Highs “A Real Hero”
“A Real Hero” has always been a KTC favorite along with the remainder of the Drive Soundtrack and while this version of the song doesn’t evoke the same intensity and emotional outpour as the original (College featuring Electric Youth), the video, in combination with the familiar tune brings forth a new concept to the song. The video consists of young, vibrant people being, well, real human beings. In nature, surrounded by beautiful landscape, being free and happy and in the moment.


Britney Spears “Work Bitch”
I love Brit, not necessarily her songs. But this video is great in my opinion because she is able to maintain her dignity and keep some of her body parts private while being sexy and sultry at the same time, unlike a majority of 2013 videos by female artists (not that I’m knocking it, because I’m not). She still possesses the same talent that she did a decade ago – she can sing okay and she’s a great dancer. Her songs, eh. But I’m always proud to see Britney looking good and doing well in classy fashion. Well done.


Rihanna “Pour It Up”
Had to watch this one on silent and the video itself is actually not that impressive but it’s a great comparison to the above…and pole dancing is really tough. Those girls are fit.


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