The Five Best Videos of Last Week

Last week was extremely eclectic in music video releases. We have a classic love story, a memorable dance sequence, live concert fan footage, and an unbelievably confusing story to name a few.

Bruce Springsteen “Dream Baby Dream”
It’s a collection of fan footage that’s so moving, I naturally put it on my list of the five best videos of last week.  The song itself is an inspirational gem which was originally done by Suicides. The video shows the true love and genuine appreciation that these people feel towards the New Jersey rock and roll legend.


Albert Hammond, Jr “St. Justice”
This is like a 4 minute movie detailing the rise and fall of a beautiful yet tumultuous relationship. And I think we can all relate to the story here. The song is form The Strokeslead guitarists new solo EP AHJ. (NSFW)


Prince “Breakfast Can Wait”
I mean, wow. He never ceases to amaze me. And how does he look younger than ever? The song is a hilarious, funky, dance jam that kept me entertained to say the least. It’s just so funny! And I love the dance troop.


Cut Copy “Free Your Mind”
I would have to watch this a few times to really understand and I don’t think I want to. But I included this in my list today for it’s overall strangeness (and the fact that True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard is the main character). The song comes from the band’s upcoming album also titles Free Your Mind due out November 5th. Also momentarily NSFW.


Janelle Monåe featuring Miguel “Prime Time”
This may be the first Janelle Monåe song I actually like! It’s sexy and smooth and her voice in collaboration with Miguel is a home run. The video is also super sexy and flirty without going over the top for shock value, something we are seeing so much of these days.


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