The Five Best Videos of Last Week

By Aurora Cowen

Tough week in videos. I watched over 30 these past few days and this is what it boiled down to:

Disclosure featuring Mary J. Blige “F For You”
Cool concept for this version of the Disclosure song from 2013’s Settle (nominated alongside Daft Punk for Best Dance/Electronica last night).


Damon Albarn “Everyday Robots”
Protruding nasal bone, vertical forehead, canine fossa, no supraorbital torus, mental eminence; this video is a beautiful construction of Damon Albarn’s head. Fitting for the song, as we humans are nothing but finely (or not) constructed robots. His solo EP, also titled Everyday Robots,  was just announced and will be released in April. I love the song, it’s so Gorillaz-ie 🙂


TCTS “These Heights”

This is like Almost Famous meets Girl Interrupted on LSD. And I like it..


Future Islands “Seasons”
I love these down home videos, there’s mad love all around with dancing and horseback riding.


Phish/The Simpsons, a Tackletown Production
They’re calling it a preview which means there might be more of this hilariousness to come.


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