The Five Best Videos of Last Week

The trend of risqué, sexy summer music videos seems to have come to a close, at least for this week. Don’t worry, Katy Perry and the girls won’t disappoint. But in this round of new videos, it’s all about fun storytelling. Matt was right, Katy Perry did end up on my list. Even though I could stand to never hear that song again. Ever…Ever.

Katy Perry “Roar”
Not much needs to be said about what you will experience with this “motion theory adventure in Junglescope.” It’s kid friendly. And very Katy Perry. Fun, theatrical, humorous, and super cute.


Capital Cities “Kangaroo Court”
So. Okay, I’ve been pointing this out all summer. Animal masks!! They’re everywhere!! I’m not knocking it, I love this video!


Empire of the Sun “DNA”
Such a cool song and chill video. It’s Empire of the Sun being very Empire of the Sunish, rolling around, looking all like… Empire of the Sun


Kitty “Hittin Lixx”


Ylvis “The Fox”
Ridiculous song, funny vid. I love these Norwegian dudes! They’re actually a brother duo variety show whose video has gone viral…could this be, dare I say it, the next “Gangnam Style?”


BONUS (via Matt):

Pixies – “Indy Cindy”



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