The Future of Artist Management


Every artist, universally, needs a few things to succeed.  They need music and vision, an investor (whether thats a label, production company, parents, etc.), organization, publicity and promotion, and internal/external motivation. Those are just a few pieces of the pie. You probably won’t win with just that formula, but its a damn good start.  It really does start with the artistry.  So be good, and get better….everyday.

Find and artist manager or artist consultant that can support your artistry and believes in your vision.  Find someone you can trust.  The next step is putting together a binding agreement for everyone to have clarity as to goals and objectives.  These are often called personal management contracts or management agreements.

Most artist management contracts are complicated.  Duration. sunset clauses, performance based incentives, exclusivity, territory, transfer rights, percentage of gross, percentage of adjusted gross, etc…..again just to name a few.  We’ve personally had contracts that were done in a few hours and we’ve had contracts that took 18 months to close.  Yeah, contracts are a pain in the ass.  We want to change this part of the business, forever.

We look at artist management a different way.  No contracts, no long-term commitment and absolutely no bullshit.  You pay us to find a way to save you money or find a way for you to make money.  We can help facilitate almost every element from finding a producer to calculating a budget for an international tour; and everything in between.

This is what we do at ktc mgmt.  Let us help you find your goals and put you in the best position to succeed.


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