The Nature of Music Brought To You By Imagine Dragons

Everyone’s path of life always has a twist, turn, exit ramp, and on ramp -a point in your life that you have to tweak or completely change your habits around.  Personally, as a teacher we go from a 45+ work week where we take home papers to grade, curriculum to study, or making games for math and reading centers to nothing once the 180th day hits.  This is my first experience since I can remember where I’m actually slowing down and am going from a full time job to a measly handful of hours part time job.  You may scoff at me and then start listing negativity about it being unfair that teachers get summers off, but I’m not here to even begin to discuss with you why the concept of fairness is delirious.  Instead, I’m going to use myself as an example to the moment where I have gone from nonstop to a screeching halt.  The thought of nothingness can be consuming to a hard working soul, hence my journey through life swerving onto an exit ramp and leaving me a bit scared.

Music will always be my go to when any emotion strikes, which is why I’m listening to music 24/7 for we are always faced with emotions on a daily basis (joy, excitement, nerves, glumness, you get the point).  I wasn’t quite sure what I was feeling when my brain was doing flips as I was hurrying to get grocery shopping and laundry done for no immediate reason to do so.  I tried consoling myself with twenty|one|pilot’s own confusion about life, but realized it wasn’t really doing the trick.  About halfway through my day I mysteriously had Imagine Dragons’ “Underdog” melody looping in the back of my mind, and when this happens we all know what we need to do…listen to it.  So I followed my music guru in the far corners of my soul and let Night Visions try to help out my unsettled nerves.

Slowly my heartbeat slowed, a smile crept across my lips, and though I was still on go mode emptying my trash and recycling, I felt a sliver of hope that this was going to work.  By my third repeat of their first album, I had a stronger sense of peace and then sitting down comfortably I just soaked it all in.  Every melody, synth note, guitar transition, and lyric was dripping awareness that things were okay and everything would work out.  These things I knew, but needed a kick start, a pat on the back, a reassuring smile and this Vegas band was able to supply that for me.

This was a strange phenomenon that led me to a deeper thinking of the men themselves.  Coming from years and years of hard work into this unbelievably life altering experience they have nothing to give but positive vibes, hope being reflected off of their guitar strings, determination sent flying from each drum beat.  Every ounce of their humble nature and gratitude of achievement is displayed and lifted into the ambiance their music creates.   I am a very firm believer that the emotions in one’s energy can be captured through music and delivered through any type of outlet (not just in a live show, but also through headphones, or car speakers).  I have always believed this, but how deliciously realistic Imagine Dragons has made this evident.  Everything about them screams optimism and perseverance, those missing pieces that I had needed in order to get back on track.  “Hey we’re Imagine Dragons and we’re here to remind you that all you need is some positivity from us and you’ll be all set,” was the recognition I received from the catchy melodies, bold transitions, and the buckets full of encouraging energy  that was created and captured in their 13 (or 14 depending on which version you may have) tracks.

by Charissa Lock

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