The Process of Selection

By Charissa Lock

What do you listen to when you’re not sure how you feel?  Where do your frustrated fingers scroll through your alphabetized library?  Towards the first half of the alphabet, or down past the P’s?  Maybe you have a certain music destination that is always waiting for you for those moments of uncertainty or a playlist perhaps designed for your present condition.

The next stage that follows is what you want your reaction to be when you can’t really make sense of whether you should feel relief and peace or overcome by a barrage of more questions than having answers for. Screaming out to The Used or rapping Lil’ Wayne’s heaviest of gangster squalls may be just the right amount of outpouring since you’re pretty much unsure of everything swirling around your brain anyways.  Will this solve the problem?  Or make you feel better afterwards?

Or you may also want to have notes and melodies try to solve and figure out your feelings for you.  We all know they can.  It’s happened before when you hear a song and realize, “yes, that’s what I need to do in my life,” or “that’s the exact decision I need to make.”  It’s pretty empowering to the song you’re listening to, but it’s not always consistent.  Of course when you try to conduct fate’s symphony by putting all the right pieces together yourself, typically nothing much good comes out of it.

I try to match my dominant feeling and mood with my music choices when I’m in a muddle of emotional turmoil.  Yet if my mood keeps switching, this can end up with scrolling up and down my A-9’s and leaving me with an extra splash of indecision that is not very welcomed at this point.

Living life in an organized mindset, I think I need to come up with a plan.  Why not listen to something on the angrier side to cast out the negativity and roll out any unwanted irate tidbits I may or may not know were swelling up inside?  Something real mouthy, maybe a favorite Say Anything Bemis extraordinaire from …Is A Real Boy.  Step two would be throwing on a butterfly feel good epic powerhouse classic that will forevermore makes your soul melt and hairs on your arms stand up.  I’m presently thinking The Naked and Famous I Kill Giants,” or “In Rolling Waves,” you have to pick something that won’t care about your mixed emotions because it will take any “feeling” you have and throw it into oblivion for those two, three minutes.  I think at this point your mind is then ready to pick up on the truth of your heart.  You may just need to let the tears flow, Nick Drake is already on the brain before you even reach towards the music device.  The relief could also be transformed into complete happiness and all you will need is a familiar and favorite album of all time or a newer electro pop tuneage that sparks ear-to-ear grinning.

Clean your slate before getting to the brunt of the confusion.  Remove the angry and get in a vulnerable state before you can pinpoint what you need the music to do for you.  And it will.  That’s the beauty of human nature; we transfer energy in everything we do.  The process of good music will always result in a connection with someone at some point in their lives and can be re-used at any time, for it is always welcomed and forever appreciated.

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