The Question is When. When Will It Seep Into Your Bloodstream? Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories

By Charissa Lock

Research.  I find myself buried under about 10 tabs, in between Youtube videos of Apollo missions of Eugene Cernan, Moroder versions of Metropolis, and Random Access Memories (RAM) on iTunes, learning conspiracy theories on UFOs and the history of synthesizers, and adding to my library of less mainstream artists.  This is the result of familiarizing myself with electronic duo masters Daft Punk and their fourth studio album.

There is so much happening at once, yet it never feels that you’re overloaded by any means because all of the intensity was done before you even listened.  Because of this – you may find yourself in an awkward position amongst the laid back monotony and slightly cheesy moments when suddenly you are overcome with a flash of brilliance to not this one moment, but the entire song, spinning into the entire album.  It is only when it has fully engulfed into your soul that you begin to research, intoxicated by the notion that the elements involved are furnished deep inside history and culture.  Don’t get me wrong, “Get Lucky” is pretty much about getting lucky and if you dig deep, you’re just going to hit cement.  But isn’t it part of human nature to enjoy lightweight beats, head bobs, and our desires for pleasure (of whichever that may be)?  As if giving us a break from all their intricate and enormously involved pieces compiled after years of research, planning, collaborating and composing.  Tracks with looser movement and disco engraved beats pass you by with a quick wink and soft lips to your cheeks.  You can accept these (“Game of Love”) easier than you can Casablancas “Instant Crush” or the drenchingly delicious “Contact.”

With thick bass lines and a repetitive nature, Random Access Memories reminds me of a jazz album that allows your mind to wander within it, grooving along and taking pleasure in each delicately designed piece.  With this way of listening, every time your journey begins, you are prepared to hear something surprisingly new and intriguing.  For instance, I’ve listened to the album at least 7 times and I just noticed the sprinkling of rain in the outro of “Motherboard,” and then there’s that sweet “MacGyver” theme song melody on “Fragments of Time.”  I have good faith that upon every new step into RAM I will be given this wonderful opportunity for discovery.

When will it happen to you?  When will you form a connection or “get it”?  Maybe you’ll be on the cliffs overlooking rolling and splashing waves appreciating the album’s overpowering minimalism, or after a long day at work and cranking up the volume on your commute home to achieve a release in the upbeat clarity, or after hours of researching the bits and pieces connected and overlapping you realize how much was actually put into creating these thirteen tracks and your appreciation overwhelms the record.  Maybe you won’t give it a chance, but if you do, the uncertainty will be breathtaking to dive into, unaware of what will be at the bottom waiting for you.

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