Lady Sinatra Live at the Viper Room


This past Thursday I had the pleasure of seeing the band “Lady Sinatra” rip my face off. This was during their November residency at the World Famous “Viper Room” on the Sunset Strip. Enjoy the video (attached) from that night then go learn more about them here: www.ladysinatra.com

Follow them on facebook.com/ladysinatra or twitter.com/ladysinatra.

They have all of their music on iTunes and have a record coming out on vinyl soon.  Pay very close attention to what these guys do, cause its cool as hell.

Lady Sinatra is a real band based in Los Angeles.

They are….

Gabe De Castro
Nic Nifoussi
Steven Friedlander
Joseph “Bunny” Holiday

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p.s. They did a video for the tune “Goldlung” a couple months ago here: http://youtu.be/YvyPGkCRvgg

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