Top 20 Songs of 2020 (as of 2.20.2020)

By Charissa, Aurora, & Matt 🖤

Tame Impala – “Instand Destiny” (Charissa & Aurora)

This album is hitting So. Hard. In The Slow Rush, Kevin Parker stays true to his signature psychedelic style with colorful melodies and iconic droney vocals; but this time, the percussion is rich, breathing new life into the sound we’re all so familiar with. The album is fresh – only “time” (a concept Parker touches on throughout) and many more listens will tell which songs stand out as we get more familiar with the body of work as a whole. “Instant Destiny” was a first-listen standout track along with “Breathe Deeper”, “One More Year”, and “Lost In Yesterday”… check in with us in a few months see where we stand!

Hayley Williams – “Simmer” (Aurora)

Never the biggest Paramore fan but always appreciative of Hayley’s tone, “Simmer” was a massive surprise, and stands out as (dare I say it) my top track of 2020 so far.. I kinda love her.

TOKiMONSTA & Earthgang – “Fried For the Night” (Aurora)

THE HEAT!!! Earthgang x TOKI FTW.

Skip Marley & H.E.R. – “Slow Down” (Charissa & Aurora)

This is so reminiscent of Bob Marley & Lauren Hill‘s “Turn Your Lights Down Low“. All the feels ♥️

Khruangnin & Leon Bridges – “Midnight” (Aurora)

If this isn’t the most epic collaboration of all time…

Lespecial (feat Chuck Morris) – “Machine Elf” (Aurora)

Beck (St. Vincent Remix) – “Uneventful Days” (Aurora)

The legend, St. Vincent, takes on Beck’s “Uneventful Days” with a funky twist, a la Prince; off kilter time signatures, swirling synths and Annie Clark’s signature guitar riffs catapult this already stellar track to new heights… and a whole new genre?? Can we get more of this duo, please?

Grouplove – “Deleter” (Charissa & Matt)

Grouplove’s consistent creation of amazing tunes is getting ridiculous.  Ridiculously magical.  “Deleter” kicks of 2020 with touch of rock, a sing-along chorus, and hell of a lot of heart.  Clearly looking forward to the release of that album.

Natanael Cano – “Asi Es el Morro” (Charissa)

Self-taught musician Youtuber has gone and laid the foundation for the 21st century corridos tumbados movement, aka trap corridos, basically hip hop beats laid on top of Mexican folk song writing.  The Jake Bugg vibes in his vocal melodies alongside the authentic horns swirling throughout absolutely works. 

Ella Vos – “Cellophane” (Aurora)

We LOVE FKA Twigs – everything about her. The originator of “Cellophane” did in fact “do it for us” last year, and Ella’s take is doin it, too. She keeps it simple, sexy and dark as it should be. It’s beautiful and tragic. Both versions have made a KTC list, and rightfully so. Ella Vos – “Cellophane”

Amtrac – “Accountable” (Charissa)

Dude.  Eight seconds in and you’re hooked.  You are full on sucked into this 80s world where everything and anything magical is about to happen in your collar-popped jean jacket and Nike Air Force Ones.  The night is young and you my man, feel even younger. Eight.  Seconds.  In.

Khruangbin & Leon Bridges – “C-Side” (Aurora)

Another one 🖤

ATNA – “Made By Desire” (Charissa)

Another pop track, weaseling its way into 2020.  The vocal melody of this one is delicious, spiking falsettos transitioning to dropped vocals and everything in-between.  Think HAIM in a bubble-gum paradise.  

The Strokes – “At The Door” (Matt)

They back! Check our socials to see what a live show looks like in 2020 ✔️

Poliça – “Sea Without Blue” (Aurora)

Mac Miller – “Good News” (Aurora)

What can be said..? The posthumous album is a devastating look at Mac’s reality shortly before his passing, and each song cuts like a knife. The first single, “Good News”, struck all sorts of emotions, and the 11 songs that followed have been nothing short of the same. God, it hurts. It still really hurts.

Phantogram – “Pedestal” (Aurora)

Eminem “Darkness” (Aurora)

Tame Impala – “Lost In Yesterday” (Charissa)

The first track of 2020 to steal the hearts of all 3 of us at KTC… let’s hope for many more of these in the months to come!

Purity Ring – “Stardew”