Top Two Albums of 2011

This was tough because there was two albums that really took up the bulk of my listening time this year. I tried to not be biased about the one, as I knew it would be great and as for the other, well the band toured with friends of mine so bias laid there as well. Bias wins.

Lets get to it.

#2 Hooray For Earth – True Loves (Read Charissa Lock’ review by clicking the link)


An amazing album top to bottom. Rich with melody, great lyrics, and music. This album inspired me on many levels and became a mainstay in my iTunes, car, iPhone and cross country flights. Noel Heroux is wildy talented and a great guy to boot. I almost gave this #1 but it fell short in how many times I played it and overall greatness when compared to “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming”. Maybe the next HFE album will be #1, I’m excited to “hope so”.

#1 M83 – Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming (Read Charissa Lock’ review by clicking the link)


I can’t remember an album touching my whole life on such a vast level since I heard Shiny Toy Guns – We are Pilots album back in 2007. The day I got the  ”Hurry Up” advance I walked the streets of my home town and listened to all 73 minutes. I was floored. I didn’t know which would be my favorite song and I didn’t want it to end. The day was filled with memories reflecting on a life filled with luck, happiness and a bit of sadness. This album transcended me to times and places very close to my heart. ‘Hurry Up’ inspired me and many of the people I shared it with.

What more can you ask from an album?  What more can you ask from anything?  I mean really?

My two favorite songs on the album are “Steve McQueen” and “Outro”. Steve is the prototypical pop song and hopefully will light up the charts next spring in the U.S. It deserves mainstream presence as does Anthony Gonzalez’ ridiculous talents. Outro closes out this 23-song-masterpiece in style. A digital symphony, a flooring bridge, (that deserves headphones and/or a killer subwoofer) to lyrics that give me a gentle reminder of how hard it was to cope with nightmares as a child. I probably played the ending piano sequence 100+ times alone this year.

I love this album. Its my favorite of 2011.


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