Top Videos of 2011

Tyler T Williams (Director, Producer) and Trevor Powers (Youth Lagoon) teamed up to bring the most powerful video, in our opinion, of 2011.  The combination of music and passion in this treatment blows anything away we’ve seen all year.

1. Youth Lagoon – Montana


Best usage of Buffalos.  (None were hurt in the filming of this video, at least we think)

2. Justice – Civilization


Super song and high budget major label release.  Adele rocked everyones world in 2011.

3. Adele – Rolling In The Deep


Phantogram blew up this year and delivered a video with enough imagery and sex to make your head spin.  Pretty cool song too!

4. Phantogram – When Im Small


A song that portrays youth and circumstance.  Feeling young, feeling lonely, feeling depressed?   Put this on loop.  You’ll keep grabbing something new each time and maybe feel a little better.

5. Lana Del Rey – Video Game


Merry Christmas!


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