Two Aussies, four lads from Ohio, and a group of New Yorkers

By Charissa Lock

It’s on the dancing waves in my head that are giggling with the options that are allowing them to flutter and sway that gives me the pleasure and passion for writing this. As Misterwives‘ single “Reflections” has been mesmerizing me for months now, Walk The Moon‘s “Shut Up and Dance” knocked me off my feet upon its first appearance only a week ago or so.

To say I’m obsessed with these songs would be closest to the truth as I crave to listen to each of these on repeat. No matter how many times I hear “All my friends are turning green,” I belt out along side Vance Joy and beam at the giddiness “Riptide” has provided me. As I’m a typical album listener (shocking),I’ve been seduced by catchy pop beats in under four minute increments, batting their eyelashes of melt-your-heart melodies and making passes via foot stomping tempos or incomprehensible vocal intonations (that would be Miss Sia).


My delight in the indie folk multi transitional, insatiable sing along “Riptide” are equal in passion as New Yorkers Misterwives’ “Reflections.”  The dance-your-face-off pauses to ear-candy-vocal drops of Mandy Lee provide a wonderland of “I’m Every Woman“-esque emotion and movement commanding you to blast off your tuchus.  Now I should probably learn the lyrics so I’m not sounding like a dying animal every time I hear this track.


Continuing with the female vocals, let’s move on to the chills inducing, lump in your throat caused by the lovely Australian, Sia Furler.  The bleeding honesty in the dips and extensions of her voice is the radiance of emotion, thick and powerful.  Her entire album (1000 Forms of Fear) is soaked in these unbelievable vocals backed up by these instrumental hooks and transitions drilling your soul in a complete epic experience.  Yet, my theme seems to be these jumpy beats, so consequently I’ve been rangled in by her track “Hostage.” This song is a conglomeration of fun and though you still get to hear the wonder of those raspy intonations, it’s only a slight dusting compared to other tracks which are more powerhouse and less “fun.” So I guess what I’m saying is…jam out to “Hostage,” but don’t forget to listen to the other eleven.


And of course, we cannot forget the possibly-more-popular-than- “Anna Sun” track, “Shut Up and Dance,” by those charming Walk The Moon boys.  In all seriousness, this extremely anticipated single has the ability to blast into mainstream stardom with its direct flirtatious conversation and unexpected chorus transition (well at least on the first listen, it’s not where I thought it was going and I was pleasantly surprised!). The melodies and instrumentation are typical of WTM, but if this is your first time hearing them, you’ll be knocked off your feet with the freshness of modernized 80s dance with an indie twist.


Loving these tunes has been quite a backstage dance party.  Solving the annoyance of Youtube not allowing you to listen and do anything else on your phone/computer/iPad, I created a playlist on Spotify of these fancy tracks among others that keep your mood perky and feet light.  Since this has all taken place on a Sunday it’s inevitably titled “Sunday Funday” for not only the enjoyment of myself, but others as well.

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