TYLER’s “Bad News”

by Charissa Lock

The beginning of 2020 has been quite something, as one could probably have predicted in this day and age.  Nothing like starting off a new decade with a lot of strong emotions at the center, reminding you of the bigger picture while we are all just trying to reinvent ourselves or at least give ourselves a break from the constant push of “what’s next.”

The artist TYLER has certainly been influenced by the refreshing sentiment that a new year and decade holds.  Releasing the new track “Bad News” under the name TYLER (formally Tyler Sarfert), he takes a step forward into the groovier side of pop. 

“Bad News” is an upbeat single flooded with Maroon Five and Harry Styles comparisons. Taking command of the song, TYLER’s vocals perk your ears with the awareness that this artist knows what he’s doing.  Paired perfectly with the instrumentals, he croons alongside a fun pop track.  You instantly appreciate the inclusion of the horns while you’re already toe-tapping along to the modern groove.  Throwing in a taste of Young the Giant meets WALK THE MOON vibes at the bridge stretches the song to its full potential. This is one to sing along to and you can certainly feel the high energy from the one-take live recording of foundational instruments. TYLER’s “Bad News” is a welcoming addition to support some much needed uplifting energy in the new year. It’s due to be released in early March and is a part of a larger collection of songs that will follow throughout the year. Stay tuned!

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