Up Next: Angel Olsen

KTC is expanding.  This blog was started as something hilarious a few years ago by someone wonderful.  When we brought it back last year, I personally aimed to talk about music that made me feel good or maybe feel great.  This one thing will never change.

As we’ve grown to a few more hands we’re promising to expand to talking about music that others love. This involves a ton of extra work and listening, but should be worth it.  We hope you are patient as this won’t happen overnight.

This came about a week ago and was solidified by Angel Olsen.  A singer/songwriter out of Chicago whos siren doesn’t glow red, but a soft blue.  This is what I’d imagine Zooey Deschanel was in my real dreams.  Comparisons to She & Him demos aside, this girls music is as pure as gold.  She gracefully held our hands and started a new trend. These are the places we want to go.

Angel has a new album out called Half Way Home [Bathethic] that is due out September 4th.  You can preview the single “Tiniest Seed” here.

TAGS: Devil Ashley, Deep dish, Wind, Bonnie Prince Billy, rainy days, Acoustic greatness, Change

special thanks to goldsoundzblog.com for the picture.