Up Next: Animal Kingdom

Once in awhile it takes a few listens to just get a band. From my experience those bands tend to stay with you for the long-term. I’m a sucker for washy music that consumes your heart so Animal Kingdom tends to wholly fill those parameters. They’re a three piece from the UK, (managed by Qprime) that is making waves on American radio and getting plenty of big stages to state their case.

I found them on Sirius’ AltNation and fell in love with the single Strange Attractor.  They released The Looking Away [Boombox/Mom+Pop] on May 8th, 2012 and the album is $7.99 on iTunes. Their bio is pretty accurate. They do sound like the wall-of-sound Mercury Rev, Radiohead, Sigur RósPaper Route and a bit of The Doves.

Check out Strange Attractor and look for our interview with the band soon.



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