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Beat Club is an LA based alternative electronic dance-punk rock group (Jeff Kite – keyboard & vocals, Jon Pancoast – bass, and Anthony Polcino – guitars & vocals) who will be featured at the Jubilee Music and Arts Festival this weekend in downtown LA.  I listen to a lot of music that I don’t necessarily love so when I find a band that I’m really into, especially one from my “hometown,” I get overly excited and that’s for sure the case with these guys.  With influences ranging from hip-hop, world dance, punk rock and Afrobeat, there’s something to love from every angle.  The catchy single “Something Better” from the recently released maxi single Something Better (PCM/Boombox Recordings) was used for the promo ad for the upcoming Jubilee fest.


Here’s a look/listen at my personal favorite track (which happens to be their only video), “Globetrotters.”


The trio are currently gearing up for their first summer tour which includes stops in Milwaukee for Summerfest, Chicago, and New York. Get your tickets here.

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