Up Next: Big Data

by Matthew Downes

Finding new music that you fall in love with is challenging.  Even when you source some of the best curators in the world, you still need to actually connect with a track before desiring to talk about it.  At least thats how I do it.  I can thank a road trip and Alt-Nation for an artist (and song) that I’m super excited about called Big Data.  I wish I was shocked to tell you that they’re from Brooklyn (they are).  I wish I could tell you that they’re on tour (they aren’t). They consider themselves “Paranoid Pop” and their track “Dangerous” brings it hard.  I’m listening to their EP 1.0 [Wilcassettes LLC] (Out Now! Get it Here!) and its pretty great.  Stay sharp BD, and when are you in Los Angeles? Good luck with your SEO too!

Watch the video for “Dangerous” remixed by another ktc favorite Joywave.  Its NSFW and extremely messed up and awesome.


Stay in touch with Big Data here:


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