Up Next: Bipolar Sunshine

by Matthew Downes

A lot of circumstances come into play when picking an opening band.  Do they bring bodies?  Do they have a label, management and marketing team?  Do they have an investor (label, manager, publisher, etc.) behind them?  Do we have to share a bus with them?  Do we have to give them $100 a night or $500 a night to sustain their tour (van rental, hotels, food, etc.)? The music and everything around the music should be carefully considered.

Fast-rising London Grammar have picked also-rising-star Bipolar Sunshine to open their fast-selling upcoming American tour. Last year LG blazed through the U.S. selling out tiny rooms like The Troubadour with a keen publicist and some sharp tunes. This year they’re coming back ambitiously doubling the room capacities (ala Bastille and The 1975) in an attempt to break through to the mainstream in the United States.

Who is Bipolar Sunshine?

His name is Adio Marchant and he hails from Manchester.  You might remember him from the band Kid British?  Bipolar Sunshine is a side indie project, for Adio, that’s been heating up for the last 6 months.  Last week we put his song “Love More Worry Less” as one of our fresh tunes. That song was a part of his Drowning Butterflies EP (Purchase this on Amazon here) released late last year.

Check out the self-titled single off that ep and then go to his social networks to learn more about Bipolar Sunshine.  Oh and if you like what you hear, you can see him open for London Grammar here: Tour and Ticket information



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