Up Next: Early Melodic Animals

We’ve been watching Early Melodic Animals for awhile and things are certainly starting to get exciting again. Back in June they released a new EP titled DAY02 that is pretty catchy with at least three stand out tunes.  One being the smash “Change” which has a sweet synth hook that feels of summer and breaths completion.  I know how long they’ve been working on this project and this track is a reflection of their efforts.  The second stand-out track is “Ashes” a more minimalist EMA track and the washy and free (in multiple ways) “Seven” which you can grab below.

Seven by EMA1117

These guys have also been involved in producing (and acting) in a movie called “A Winter Rose”. “Seven” is in the film too! You can learn more about Winter Rose here.  Everything’s not so serious in EMA camp, they’re also pretty funny.

You can learn more about EMA here:


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