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Influences like My Bloody Valentine, The Beach Boys and Death Cab For Cutie (yep, Ben Gibbard will save us all) come around every decade or so.  I think I’ve stumbled on a band that borrows from each basket.  Throw in producer John Siket (Blonde Redhead, Yo La Tengo and Sonic Youth) and a label thats owned by a record store (Other Music) and you’re almost there.  Brian Harding (ex-Hymns) and Amalie Bruun (ex-Minks) lead the washy guitars, layered percussion and harmonization on a well-timed record by Brooklynites Ex Cops.  If they roll up to the Troubadour with Bleached in this, they’ll make my top ten albums of the year list by default.

Check out “Separator” off their latest album here:


Pick Up True Hallucinations here.





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