By Charissa Lock & Aurora Cowen

SUPERMEGAFANTASTIC appeared June 2012 via Brando Records and IAMDYNAMITE (IAmDynamite)’s first LP made itself known for single “Stereo.”  One year and five months later I witnessed a live version of “Stereo” after having listened to the track a few times on the radio.   As the other tunes were unraveling in Weezer‘esque flavor among tantalizing guitar transitions and great vocals, I realized that I was witnessing one of those peculiar and spectacular moments in music where you’re completely connected without ever having expected to be so. Check out their live video of “Stereo” on their recent tour here.

With that being the case, these two lads are from Michigan and have been making music since 2008 (Mahoney, EP).   As they’re being heard on tours with other great bands, more and more are seeing the  intensity IAMDYNAMITE’s peaks at.  The maturity of sound mixed with talented arrogance explodes, and allows you to ingest rock  organically.   With “Stereo” receiving over a quarter million views on Youtube, there is definitely a buzz going about this duo.

Watch their latest video for “Hey Girl” below:


Learn more about the band here:




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