Up Next: Incan Abraham

by Matthew Downes

Great mixes and walls of sound can lure me in.  From Los Angeles, a few best friends started writing some tunes one weekend in upstate New York.  A weekend turned into a month turned into a record deal.  Incan Abraham is Up Next!
Friends since kindergarten, the members of Incan Abraham (Giuliano Pizzulo, Teddy Cafaro, Spencer Mandel) channel their finger-painted past in their debut LP, fusing Lost Boys tribal energy with guitar, synth, and harmony vocal soundscapes that arc and circle like bikes in desert washes. After spending college marooned on opposite coasts, the friends reunited on a whim in a secluded house in upstate New York for a weekend that turned into a month spent writing music and contemplating their shared histories of childhood escapism and pop nostalgia.

Out on White Iris Records on April 4th, Incan Abraham will release their first album Tolerance (Pre-Order it Here).  They bring deep chorus-y guitars, Barcelona-like brimful vocals and flow-felt beats that reminds me of artists Grizzly Bear and Beach House (TY IAN).

Check Out Toulumne released about 10 days ago:


Learn More About Incan Abraham here:


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