Up Next: Jarryd James

By Aurora

I’m a musically eclectic soul, I love so many different styles and genres, but I am definitely particular and sometimes hard to please. Therefore, when I’m presented with a new artist or song that I absolutely love, I get overwhelmed with excitement and my entire being is affected.  The song(s) become a part of me and materialize as an auditory memory of that time in my life.  Such is the case with Australian singer/songwriter, Jarryd James.  My little sister sent him my way a few months ago and I’ve been hooked since.  Surprisingly, he only had one song at the time.  But it was enough.

Do you remember” (co-written and produced by Joel Little) is everything an R&B song should be in 2015: a minimalist foundation of subtle synths layered with smooth, sometimes raspy, falsetto vocals perfectly balanced with haunting guitar plucks, concentrated percussion and a heavy bass that bottoms out when the chorus hits.  James’ mysterious, gentle demeanor parallels the passion and vulnerability of the lyrics and the tone of the song and his voice.  Perfection.

I’m not alone in my sentiment.  The single peaked at #1 on the Australian iTunes singles charts, was the #1 played song on Australian radio nationwide, #1 on on Shazaam, and #2 on the ARIA Singles charts.  His debut tour down under saw great success selling out clubs, igniting another round this summer.  All of this as an independent artist, mind you, though Interscope swooped him up in April – proof that one great song is all it takes to get a jumpstart in this business today.

And alas, we have another track.   “Give Me Something” is a tight follow-up to “Do You Remember”: not as intense lyrically or sonically, yet well written and produced; definitely indicative of his raw talent and muscial vision.  He’s saying things that all the girls want to hear and crafting songs that can be appreciated multifariously, all the while exuding a super cool yet deep, soulful  vibe.  Dude’s definitely had a heartbreak or two in his life and clearly it’s worked out in his favor.  I’m in love.

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