Up Next: Lily & Madeleine

by Matthew Downes

As someone told me this weekend, its Two Thousand Fortunate (aka 2014).  Time for us to uncover some new artists who should be more fortunate then others this year.  First up is a pair of sisters out of Indianapolis called Lily & Madeleine.  I found them by searching through the Troubadour calendar.  They were the furthest show out, as of last week.  Its always good to just grab a band for no apparent reason.  I got lucky.

They kicked off the internet with a sweet little tune called “In The Middle” that racked up some views on YouTube (watch it here). They’re not quite early Tegan and Sara or a maleless Civil Wars or Zooey (aka She & Him).  They’re soft and warm and not perfect, which I like.  Its not overproduced and typical.  These are sweet heartfelt songs you can feel they might’ve actually wrote around a campfire or the family piano. You can start with their EP The Weight of the Globe or go right to their recently released self-titled full length that you can purchase for $5 on Amazon.

I was immediately drawn into “Sounds Like Somewhere”, so lets put that right here.


 Oh and if you want to go to that Troubadour show you can get tickets here.  We’ll be there.

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