Up Next: Matthew Koma

by Matthew Downes

A lot of us forget that most of the contemporary artists such as Miley, Rihanna and DJ’s like Zedd have people collaborating with them to write these mega smash hits. Big names help write these tunes, that’s for sure.  Once in awhile a songwriter, lyricist and vocalist pops through that breaks those barriers.  Guys like Ryan Tedder stand at the top of the pack and we’re looking forward to seeing if Matthew Koma will follow his blueprint of hit-songwriter first, pop-chart artist second.  He’s already tabled some tracks for Swedish House Mafia and co-wrote the smash “Clarity” for Zedd.

Check out his cover (well…can you safely call it a cover since he helped write it?) of Zedd’s “Clarity”…


After brief tours with LMFAO, Charli XCX and Ellie Goulding he looks to bring his chops to Los Angeles for four nights at the Hotel Cafe on October 8th, 15th 22nd and 29th.  We will be there.

One more from his EP The Cherrytree Sessions [Cherrytree, Darkchild, Interscope] (Out Now!) called “Suitcase”.


The next JT? You can purchase that ep right here.

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