Up Next: Mitchell Grey

One of the late additions to our @TPMNJ event, this past Friday, was a band called Mitchell Grey out of New York City.  Dealing with a rushed sound-check and pressured transition times would eat most bands alive, but no sweat for the quartet (no pun in intended). Some of the attendees mentioned they sounded like John Legend, John Mayer and even a bit of recent DCFC. They have a couple cool videos to check out too.  The most recent video for “Heartstrings” was shot by the uber-talented IMAKESOUND.

Mitchell Grey is singer/guitarist Ryan Bandong, bassist Napon Pintong with Matt Pana on drums and Joseph Diaz on guitar. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, or go to their website to get a whole lot more.


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special thanks to Gabriel Herrera for the photo.