Up Next: The Enigmatic Pop Princess VERITE


 By Charissa Lock

Floating in the hazy topsoil of streaming music sites (such as Soundcloud, Spotify, etc.) appears the mysterious New Yorker.  VERITE‘s single “Strange Enough” takes you off guard with her classically smooth and passionate vocals that mosey around a catchy chorus, with the real treat found in the verses.  Written, drummed, produced, and programmed by Elliot Jacobson, there’s a strong sense of professionalism in the foundation of this one, which has provided VERITE with a respectable introduction to the world.  “Strange Enough” can easily fall into the niche of blasting through your speakers on a hot summer night with the windows down allowing warm air to whip through your hair.  A perfect sing along with a retrospective look at relationships allowing to connect easy with your emotions, this is one I kept my eye on and began my search for more.


After struggling to come up with anything besides what I gave you in the first sentence of this post (I saved you the trouble, you’re welcome), my intrigue had inflated into a determination to keep my eyes and ears open for when she would surface.  It seems that she did have a single in the relative past, but its been removed from all facets and is unreachable.  So now that I always have VERITE in the back of my mind, I have come to realize the sparkle of genius in this press mechanism.  When I find out more, I’ll be sure to let you know because after checking out “Strange Enough” you’ll be hooked.


For another spin of “Strange Enough,” check out EPISODE’s recent remix.