Up Next: U.S. Royalty

by Matthew Downes

A few weeks back Spotify started a discovery email campaign fueled to share other artists who fit in my vertical of flavors (based on algorithms?) and also bring more people (back) into their ecosystem.  Our love/hate relationship with Spotify aside, they do seem to pick artists that I “might” like more than not.  This is the first recommendation that has made me sit down and write about a Spotify discovery.  Welcome Washington D.C.’s U.S. Royalty, you’re “Up Next”.

They aren’t new to the game.  They’ve been putting out records since the middle 2000s.  The singer has a great voice and I was immediately drawn in by the track “Monte Carlo“.  They draw sounds from bands like Arctic Monkeys, Fleetwood Mac, Black Keys, Band of Horses, Third Eye Blind (they toured with them in 2011) and Rooney. It looks they have a few shows and not a full-on-tour going on, but with an upcoming appearance at CMJ they look to be showing off something new, whether that’s showcasing new music or for a label. They’re unsigned and we’re wondering how that’s really possible.  Unless they’re garbage live, their music rivals most of the rock albums I’ve heard over the last few years. Surely their album Mirrors [Family Records] (Out in 2011!) is as good or better than Band of Horses Mirage Rock right? Looking for more information, more anything from these guys ASAP.

Check out a tune/video called “Blue Sunshine” that they put out in April this year…



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