Valentine’s Day Playlist

by Charissa Lock

Justin Timberlake “Suit & Tie” off the upcoming album The 20/20 Experience

Spicing things up a bit, JT’s new single sets the million dollar crooning atmosphere which ladies always love. The idea of a man in a tux may just cut it so you don’t have to even change into khakis….


The Killers “Heart of A Girl” off their latest album Battle Born

You can’t get better then a Killers love song to make your lady know your love is legit. Flowers just knows how to say things you cant.


Bruno Mars “Show Me” of his latest album Unorthodox Jukebox

Bring on the island atmosphere with Mars’ sexual tendencies in this chill track (save “Money Make Her Smile” for later in the evening….).


Ra Ra Riot “Beta Love” of their latest album Beta Love

This sparky beginning introduces your love in a digital fashion, in which you can subconsiouly use to brainwash her. “I’m almost done with Call of Duty, I’m trying to create a better prototype for you my beta love.”


Little Green Cars  “The John Wayne” off their latest album The John Wayne

Indie goodness surrounds this number, though from a guys point of view, it makes a flawless soundtrack to any relationship (why are girls always knocking guys down?). When 1:50 strikes, air drumming ensues.


Jjamz “LAX” off their latest album Suicide Pact

Everyone can dream, can’t they? No, not about Z Berg – the premise of this song is about running off in sunny Cali with unexpected love. You and your girl can certainly pretend – just don’t hit the water off of Cape Cod, pretty sure those waves are still at 20 feet.


Jake Bugg “Note To Self” of his latest album Jake Bugg

British lads always scream love, and Jake Bugg is a perfect fit for your Valentine’s playlist. An acoustic reminder of how special your lass is.


P!nk “Beam Me Up” off her latest album The Truth About Love

What’s a playlist without P!nk? Well, usually it’s for pissed off women who listen post-break-up, so why not turn the tables and throw on this mucho love song that shares significant positive vibes about the power of love?


Yo La Tengo “I’ll Be Around” off their latest album Fade

Dripping with Nick Drake tendencies, the stripped down, emotional vocals preach the unwavering promise of forever.


Tegan and Sara “Closer” off their latest album Heartthrob

Besides immediately picturing lesbians making out, if you focus hard enough you can use this as a backdrop for reminiscing about the lusty and hopeful beginnings of your relationship.


Rihanna “Stay” off her latest album Unapologetic 

Without going all Whitney Houston, Rihanna brings an R&B ballad to your playlist that promotes a passionate and raw tear-jerker (her, not you, man).


The Postal Service “A Tattered Line of String” off their upcoming re-release of Give Up – Reissued

They’re baaccckk. So to wrap up your mushy feelings of love for your lady, bring things to a less emotional level with this track of a more can’t-get-away-from-you love. And, of course, soak in the newest Postal Service track.


Here’s a Spotify Playlist for you.  Rihannas album Unapologetic is still unreleased so we had to put a cover of her tune “Stay” to keep the playlist intact. Enjoy!

Spotify Playlist: KTC VALENTINES DAY

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