We’ve got it covered: 3 New Renditions of Songs You Love (And Hate)

By Sam Boloorochi

In the past few weeks, I have come across some really edgy and cool new cover songs that has me loving some of the renditions more than the original versions. Bastille, Leo Stannard and The Intermission Project, and London Grammar covers have all been put on repeat on my playlist.

Bastille  “We Can’t Stop” (Miley Cyrus)
I cannot get over how awesome this cover is. The first 15 seconds of the song sounds like Bastille is trying to incorporate a little bit of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” beat into Miley’s song. It is obvious that the band feels a bit awkward playing
something that is lyrically out of their element. Regardless, it is undeniable that Bastille puts their own touch on this song by incorporating a different beat and not to mention the last few seconds where they slightly change up the song and catch the listener off guard, making the entire thing priceless.


Leo Stannard and The Intermission Project  “Tessellate” (Alt-J)
Alt-J is one of my new favorite bands to listen to and it’s hard for me to think that any other group can cover their music better than they can play it themselves. Leo Stannard and The Intermission Project left me thinking otherwise with their beautiful cover of “Tessellate”. The cover is so airy and charming.


London Grammar  “In For The Kill” (La Roux)
The London Grammar is new and upcoming English group that covered La Roux’s most famous song “In For The Kill”. Their lead singer, Hannah Reid has such an awesome voice and puts a slightly darker tone to the song. They definitely did a great job with taking an upbeat song and making it into a sultry and slow jam.


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