We’ve Got It Covered: 4 New Chillstep Renditions Of Songs We Love (And Hate)

by Sam Boloorchi

Within the past month, there have been some really great electronic covers of tunes that we are all familiar with. With their new rousing and dynamic covers, Silver Swans, Wolf Saga, Funk LeBlanc and Silent Rider give a new meaning to chill music.

Wolf Saga Ft. Lemon – “Young Folks” (Peter Bjorn and John)

Wolf Saga took one of the Swedish indie pop band’s most famous songs and turned it into totally new and fun cover. By adding spunky synthesizers and zestful beats, Wolf Saga gave a nice electro twist to this song.


Funk Leblanc –  “Hold On, We’re Coming Home” (Drake)

I think it is safe to say that Funk Leblanc did a great job giving one of Drake’s sexiest songs an upbeat tone. Although I prefer the original because of its sultry nature, the cover is fun to listen to in the car as bop your head to the background beat.



Silver Swans – “Wrecking Ball” (Miley Cyrus)

This cover exudes mysterious sexiness that gives a completely new sound to the original version by Miley Cyrus. Since we aren’t being distracted by nude scenes and hyper-sexualized video shots, we can actually take time to enjoy the brilliant cover by Silver Swans.


Silent Rider – “Ain’t No Sunshine” (Bill Withers)

It’s hard to think that anyone would be gutsy enough to mess with a song made by a music legend such as Bill Withers. Silent Rider’s cover is filled with melodic intricacies and great incorporation of dynamic instruments to give it a dark and enigmatic sound. Hands down, my favorite cover of the month.


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