World Debut: Nasty Cherry at the Moroccan Lounge (3/15/19)

By Jasmine McCullough // BrownPanda 🐼

A packed house brought the energy to rock out with Nasty Cherry this weekend at their debut show! Standing shoulder to shoulder in the intimate concert space at Moroccan Lounge, Nasty Cherry dazzled the crowd with a setlist of new songs against a backdrop of sexy lights and an even sexier, rocking performance from the ladies. Chloe Chaidez (of Kitten fame) came electric, with strong hypnotic guitar rifts and really worked the stage well with the Gabby Bechtel as she danced around the stage giving her all as the lyrical lead.

It was a sweet treat for me and all the supportive fans in attendance to see this hot, all-female band play their smash new single, “Win”, as well as get a sneak peak at five other songs not yet released. Nasty Cherry especially killed on their last song – it had an infectious, bass line beat and a flirty, taunting, bridge (“He just wants me, he just gets me”) that did in fact make me want to see more from them! In the end, I stopped by to congratulate Chloe on a job well done – she was super gracious and engaging. It was a good night and I look forward to their next releases!